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Rich in History
Bounded by Tradition

Campania Felix Wine

Fabulae has taken on the challenge of rewriting history to give Campania wines the place they deserve in the reference commercial sector and in the consideration of the final consumer.


We grew up in the heart of a territory that the ancient Romans had baptized Campania Felix, by virtue of a particularly fertile soil and extremely favorable climatic conditions that have allowed over time to develop food and wine excellence from which to derive sustenance, wealth and well-being.
Having become aware that all this centuries-old tradition had to be preserved and handed down even beyond regional and national borders, we founded a quality brand paying homage to the theatrical genre of Fabulae in vogue in ancient Atella.


Fabulae selects the best wines produced in Campania, from Terra di Lavoro to Cilento, from Sannio to Irpinia, with the aim of spreading the quality of local wines throughout the world and the belief that, by opening appropriate promotion and marketing channels, they will compete successfully. on the national and international market.
Fabulae believes that global development passes through local development, which must be pursued and encouraged through innovative and courageous business activities. This is why we travel the roads of the whole region in search of the best Campania wines to offer even the most remote consumer the opportunity to taste wines of controlled and guaranteed origin, popular in their roots but exclusive in taste.

Wine is all about the excitement and passion in the glass

Wine Concept
Wines that in the past conquered Virgil's palate and were praised by Horace, produced scrupulously adhering to ancient traditions. Wines from Campania that we undertake to carefully choose and disseminate like ancient singers who bring their love from mouth to mouth with passionate verses.

The Boots on the Ground

New York City Taste...

Asprinio maritata


Vigna Campana


Aglianico del Taburno



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