This wine is obtained by a careful selection of Pallagrello grapes grown in fertile Castel Campagnano, near the city of Caserta. An espalier farming system is employed giving a yield of 90 qg/ha. The harvest takes place during the month of October.

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The grapes are harvested by hand and conferred to the winery. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Thereafter the wine is aged in stainless steel tanks for 6 months; It is then aged in the bottle for 4 months.

Acid: .69

PH: 3.53

Aging: 23 Months in French (95%) and American (5%) oak barrels 80% new oak

Alcohol %: 14.5

Pallagrello Bianco 100%
Bordolese Nobile
8 - 10 ºC
13 Vol.min
750 ml x 6 or 12
30 min.prima

Known in the nineteenth century as one of the favorite wines by the Bourbon royal house, this precious pallagrello has been reborn in the new millennium thanks to the mastery of caserta winemakers. It presents a straw-yellow color. It feels rich on the palate with superb notes of flavor and excellent aromatic persistence. Ideal for pairing with seafood, fresh vegetables and poultry dishes.

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